Sunday, 3 January 2010

Book: InkSkin

I am currently putting together a book of my latest series of work, some of which will feature in the Origin Ffoto Identity exhibition, as well as the extended series. Although my work is based around hand written typography I have recently been experimenting using stamps to print text onto my subjects and I am thinking of including these in my book. At the moment I am not sure if I find these as affective as the handwritten work as it takes away the personal element, however I do like how bold the text looks and it adds a bit of verity to my work. I'm thinking of experimenting with different fonts and coloured ink etc which will be fun!
I bought a giant pot of ink recently so some lucky person will be getting that poured all over them very soon hopefully. I also bought some Letraset so will be doing some experimenting with getting that to transfer onto skin, should be interesting if I can get it to work.
My book will be available as a limited edition in about a months time.

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