Sunday, 20 December 2009

Identity Project

My work for the Identity exhibition I am working on as part of Origin Ffoto is based on the idea of lost identity. I feel that large part of our identities are hidden in subliminal thoughts and secret feelings, this makes me question, would it be better if we, as people were easier to read? I intend to explore the idea of the subliminal becoming explicit and the secretive becoming public, through my photographic works. These are a few examples of my work which may feature in the Origin Ffoto exhibition in June 2010.

Origin Ffoto exhibition

I have been working with a small group of other photographers and photographic artist on a group exhibition. The theme of the exhibition is identity and we have all been producing some very interesting and individual work relating to the theme. Very exciting!
We have now decided on a venue- tactileBOSCH in Cardiff 'ave a look at it- We also have a date for the opening which will be Saturday the 5th of June 2010 and it will be closing on the 19th of June. Check out Origin Ffoto- we also have a website which is in the process of being put together so look out for that.

Collaboration with Beth Scaplehorn

I have been working with artist Beth Scaplehorn on a collaborative project called Inside/Outside for which she has been producing a series of drawings based on the human anatomy. She asked to work with me to produce some photographic works to further her project. The images are double exposures of a lambs heart and portraits of Beth on 35mm film.
We were both very happy with the outcome to this project and I hope to work with her again in the future. It was also lots of fun scaring the poor man who made some prints for these for us!
Check out Beth's work on her blog-

Constance Grey- TactileBSOCH Performance

I have been working with Constance Grey to document her live performance art which she was exhibiting in tactileBOSCH, Cardiff.